Our customer has a commitment to a world-class electronics industry leader to make a high-speed bonding machine to form their boxes. Speed and quality requirements are maximum.
After carefully studying an original design and its capabilities, it was established that 3 areas of performance could be improved: speed, quality and work flexibility. With this in mind, our new design consisted of a new positioning and regulation system that allowed us to precisely control the height, rotation and position of only one or several gluing nozzles. The result was that we were able to design a more versatile machine to fully meet the customer's new production demands. The image on the left corresponds to the original machine before its redesign. The image on the right corresponds to the new DINABI design, which increased the productivity and quality of the box gluing process.
DINABI provided the conceptual design, final detail design, selection of all commercial elements, production of manufacturing drawings, installation support and service during commissioning.
The final conceptual design and detail drawings took 3 weeks.