The qualification and experience of our professionals ensures the quality of our services. A highly prepared and experienced team allows us to guarantee the quality of our services.

We offer effective responses that add value to our clients’ business and make a difference. Our main objective is to exceed the expectations of our clients and maintain the trust they have placed in us.

Our professionalism and involvement are values that are transmitted in each project. Thanks to the flexibility that characterizes us, we can get adapted to the needs of our clients and get involved in their projects, making them ours as well.

Engineering and industrial design for different Sectors - DINABI


Automotive is a strategic sector in the economy and has become one of the fundamental pillars of the industry. Its dynamism and constant evolution make the level of automation and robotization ever higher, forcing companies in the sector to continuously carry out improvements in their production processes.


The growing demand, consequence of the great dynamism that the market demands, makes the aeronautical industry be considered as a wealth-generating sector, inducer of international cooperation and trade due to its tendency towards export.

Food Industry

The food and beverage industry in our country is the first sector in invoicing. Given the great competition in the sector, innovation in productive improvements and technological advances are its main driver of competitiveness.

Renewable Energies

The importance of the renewable energy sector has grown substantially and this trend is expected to continue in the future. The technological development associated with this sector has allowed it to be considered as one of the sectors with the greatest appeal due to its high potential.

Machine Tools

The machine tool industry is at the base of all modern industrial production, as it provides the most important sectors of the entire economy with productive means.

Other sectors

Our accumulated work experience in different sectors of the industry as demanding as those mentioned above, enables us to work in other areas.

We help these sectors through our services


Benefit from the specialization and experience of our professionals to obtain a higher quality service, in less time and without the need to continuously train internal company personnel.


Our services allow you to manage projects from start to finish, being able to be present in all phases of the project to guarantee optimal results.


We offer the possibility of executing works and installations under the “turnkey” or EPC INTELLIGENT (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Intelligent) modality.
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