Industrial engineering for other sectors

Industrial engineering for other sectors

Our experience of working in different sectors of industry as demanding as those mentioned above, qualifies us to work in other areas.

Other sectors in which we also work and have developed projects with medium and large companies are:

  • Space Industry
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Metallurgical Industry
  • Valves and fittings
  • Railway
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • White Line
  • Wineries

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We develop these services for other sectors


Benefit from the specialization and experience of our professionals to obtain a higher quality service, in less time and without the need to continuously train internal company personnel.


Our services allow you to manage projects from start to finish, being able to be present in all phases of the project to guarantee optimal results.


We offer the possibility of executing works and installations under the “turnkey” or EPC INTELLIGENT (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Intelligent) modality.

Save resources
Optimize times

Increase the competitiveness of your company leaving in expert hands those activities in which we can provide added value
Flexibilidad de Personal - Dinabi
Personnel flexibility
Mejora del Rendimiento - Dinabi
Performance improvement
Optimización de Costes - Dinabi
Cost optimization
Técnicos Especialistas - Dinabi
Technical specialists
Desarrollo Estratégico - Dinabi
Strategic development
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