Our client, a reference company in the metallurgical sector, needs to expand the design capacity in its technical office.
One of our designers joined our client's technical department, where after a brief period of adaptation and knowledge of the sector he began to develop his work. With our experience, we managed to support the innovation functions of various product models, which allowed us to optimise processes and times. We also automated the way of creating 3D drawings, both of parts and of assemblies and lists. We created operations and environments tailored to the customer to facilitate all the work to be done in the technical office.
In order to simplify the work in the technical office we created libraries of common parts, materials, studied the ideal coding, created custom design environments, automate design processes to avoid human errors ...
DINABI carried out for 2 years the designs of the new products as well as improvements of the previous ones. All the work carried out in the technical office meant a time saving of 30% in the management of the technical office. The transfer of information to the purchasing department and the workshop was improved by creating automatic operations.
2 years