We are an engineering company that offers innovative solutions to the different challenges that our clients propose to us. We develop the projects from the beginning to the end in all its phases, being all of them marked with the seal of quality that characterizes our work, the total implication with each new project has allowed us to grow together with our clients.

Responding to our desire to expand, over time we have managed to work not only with companies locally and nationally, but also internationally.

What is our differentiating element?
Our Human Resources. We make a constant effort to take care of people’s talent, qualified and experienced people, committed to each project.

Why do companies and people trust DINABI?
What is dinabi DINABI difference?

Diego ArpideIsabel Leza
"The contribution we make every day to the development of our industry is what drives me to work on this project called DINABI. We live in an area with great resources, if we add that to the talent and knowledge that we put at the service of companies, the result is magnificent. We help our clients, we create jobs, we create our industry, we make it better."
Diego Arpide
"DINABI was created to offer innovative solutions to the industry. I value human capital, I want to offer companies the best that each person has. The trust placed in our team and the trust that our clients give us forces us to provide a top quality, close and professional service."
Isabel Leza
Project manager


Our main mission is to always offer a level of service that guarantees the satisfaction of our clients in both engineering and turnkey projects. With our flexibility and adaptability we guarantee to be a company capable of taking on demanding challenges and executing them in an optimal way.

Our clients have at their disposal the contracting of technical services and human capital for specific tailor-made projects.

Our mission is to provide greater value to your business


To become recognized as one of the most prestigious engineering companies and to be the first one in the mind of our clients when they have engineering needs and turnkey projects.

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is something we take very seriously as a company, we do not believe it is a “fad” or an “advertising strategy”, we believe in the responsibility to contribute to change.

How do we support change?
We have currently set ourselves 3 medium-term objectives, which we believe help us to grow as a company:

1. DINABI becomes a sponsor of the OSASUNA Football Team:

At DINABI we are very aware of our responsibility in the region, so one of our most important local CSR objectives is to be a company that actively supports sport. To achieve this, we have joined CA Osasuna as a sponsor because we believe that supporting our teams helps us not only to feel even more identified with our environment but also to contribute to the continued growth of the region’s projects.

DINABI becomes a sponsor of the OSASUNA Football Team

2. Ongoing support for companies in the region:

We have a social commitment to contribute to the development of our environment and that companies like ours receive recognition for the good work they do.

For our events we consume responsible and ecological products that have a social purpose, that promote the consumption of local products and that have as a social function the regional growth.

Image module
Ongoing support for companies in the region - Errigora

3. Hosting and tutoring of internship students:

We are confident in the quality of the newly graduated professionals that vocational training institutions and universities such as UPNA and UPV/EHU offer annually. We have also increased our efforts to welcome more trainees, so that they have a business outlet and a well-deserved future after so much effort. We believe in the talent they have and in their creativity and we put it all at the service of our companies, our internal projects and those of our clients.

DINABI - Hosting and tutoring of internship students: UPNA
DINABI - Hosting and tutoring of internship students: UPV
DINABI - Hosting and tutoring of internship students: Deusto
DINABI - Hosting and tutoring of internship students: MA Sanz
DINABI - Hosting and tutoring of internship students: Iturrama BHI

4. Association to organizations of Navarre’s Industry:

We support from the FUNDACIÓN INDUSTRIAL NAVARRA (FIN) and the ASOCIACIÓN DE EMPRESAS DE INGENIERÍA, OFICINAS TÉCNICAS Y SERVICIOS TECNOLÓGICOS (ANAIT) the business network of Navarre. In addition, we take part in training and events where we can learn about the latest news from other members and share experiences.

It is an honour for us to be part of these associations and we promise to contribute and receive in equal measure.

DINABI - Association to organizations of Navarre's Industry: ANAIT
DINABI - Association to organizations of Navarre's Industry: Fundación Industrial Navarra

Our maxims

Equipo Humano - Dinabi
Human team
The qualification and experience of our professionals ensures the quality of our services. A highly trained and experienced team allows us to guarantee the quality of our services.
Soluciones - Dinabi
We offer effective responses that add value to our clients' business and make a difference. Our main objective is to exceed the expectations of our clients and maintain the trust placed in us.
Compromiso - Dinabi
Our professionalism and involvement are values that are transmitted in each project. Thanks to the flexibility that characterizes us, we can adapt to the needs of our clients and get involved in their projects, making them our own.