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Ion BeorleguiSandra IrigoyenVanessa RodríguezClara LeachAlberto Lusarreta BaztánSergio Orce
"Working at DINABI allowed me to get to know the world of work for the first time, unlike studies it allows you to participate in first-hand in the elaboration and development of very diverse projects, which makes learning go more and more."
Ion Beorlegui
Draftsman designer
“The opportunity to join DINABI allowed me to become part of a stable company with strong growth plans. It was a great opportunity, there was hope, desire and a lot of potential. And so it is still today! We are growing, opening ourselves to new markets, new projects, and it is exciting to see how the objectives are being achieved step by step! All this gives me the opportunity every day to continue learning and overcome new challenges, with each project, with each idea. Also, the flexibility I have is fantastic, I can dedicate the necessary time to both my work and my family and enjoy everything at all times! The management is very supportive and I enjoy working day by day with the team that we form. "
Sandra Irigoyen
Mechanical engineer
"Doing internships at DINABI has allowed me to expand my technical and organizational knowledge, has taught me to adapt and feel that my opinion is valued. In the time I have been here, I have been able to collaborate on different projects and be versatile ... Being part of the growth of a Navarre company gives great satisfaction "
Vanessa Rodríguez
International trade technician
"Working at DINABI has allowed me to get to know different types of companies from very different sectors. In addition to the learning and adaptability that this has brought me, it has meant that I have a global vision of the industrial panorama and, having been one of my first work experiences, has helped guide my professional career. "
Clara Leach
Industrial engineering
"Working at DINABI allowed me to be part of a different work philosophy than what I knew until now. Quickly, from minute one, I felt integrated into a family, whose human value is immense (they know and value it), with a clear and coherent project, where communication is full and constant; There is nothing better for projects to meet and exceed expectations, I take my hat off. But not everything ends there, too, continuous training is a constant at DINABI, to the point that challenges, mistakes and difficulties are overcome as a team, a solid and professional team that fills the company's trajectory with success. . My confidence in DINABI was, is and will be, full and absolute, I wish them all the best of success and I am very grateful to have been able to grow with them as a professional, but above all as a person. "
Alberto Lusarreta Baztán
Draftsman designer
"Being in an internship at DINABI has helped me a lot when doing them. I have learned a lot from the professional life of a worker and to manage tasks in the most efficient way. I have learned different tasks that will serve me for a lifetime as a professional and They have supported me from the first moment. I have felt very comfortable and have been able to learn all the areas that my grade values. "
Sergio Orce
Management assistance

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Mechanical Designer specialized in Industrial Products
04/13/2020 - Navarre and Gipuzkoa
- Academic Data: Degree in Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Design, Product Design.
- Experience: With more than 2 years as MECHANICAL PROJECTOR/MECHANICAL DESIGNER/INDUSTRIAL DESIGNER developing industrial product projects.
- Areas of expertise: Manufacturing processes, materials, treatments, metrology, machining.
- Design skills: SolidWorks, SoliEdge, Catia, AutoCAD
- Languages: Spanish, English, Basque
Mechanical Designer specialized in Special Machines
04/14/2020 - Navarre and Gipuzkoa
- Academic Data: Graduate of industrial engineering, delineation, industrial design, product design, etc.
- Experience: With more than 5 years as MECHANICAL PROJECTOR/DESIGNER/INDUSTRIAL DESIGNER developing projects of machinery and tools.
- Areas of expertise: Materials, treatments, metrology, machining, pneumatics, hydraulics.
- Design skills: SolidWorks, Catia, AutoCAD
- Languages: Spanish, English, Basque
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