Benefit from the specialization and experience of our professionals to obtain a higher quality service, in less time and without the need to continuously train internal company personnel.
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Our services allow you to manage projects from start to finish, being able to be present in all phases of the project to guarantee optimal results.
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We offer the possibility of executing works and installations under the “turnkey” or EPC INTELLIGENT (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Intelligent) modality.
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Engineering, Development, Innovation & Outsourcing

We are your support in all the functions of engineering and technical office. At DINABI we offer an innovative technological solution to the individual needs of companies and society.

Our experience in various industry sectors makes us a versatile, flexible company capable of offering concrete solutions to the needs of our clients. We provide design, engineering and turnkey projects solutions for the automotive, aeronautics, food, renewable energy, rail, machine tool industries …

Formed by a team of highly qualified engineers, we continually work on innovative projects, responding to the concern of wanting to do things differently.


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Automotive is a strategic sector in the economy and has become one of the fundamental pillars of the industry. Its dynamism and constant evolution make the level of automation and robotization ever higher, forcing companies in the sector to continuously carry out improvements in their production processes.


The growing demand, consequence of the great dynamism that the market demands, makes the aeronautical industry be considered as a wealth-generating sector, inducer of international cooperation and trade due to its tendency towards export.

Food Industry

The food and beverage industry in our country is the first sector in invoicing. Given the great competition in the sector, innovation in productive improvements and technological advances are its main driver of competitiveness.

Renewable Energies

The importance of the renewable energy sector has grown substantially and this trend is expected to continue in the future. The technological development associated with this sector has allowed it to be considered as one of the sectors with the greatest appeal due to its high potential.

Machine Tools

The machine tool industry is at the base of all modern industrial production, as it provides the most important sectors of the entire economy with productive means.

Other sectors

Our accumulated work experience in different sectors of the industry as demanding as those mentioned above, enables us to work in other areas.

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Customer testimonials

ARCELOR - Rafael Oliver -GRUPO GRADEL - Stéphane Legrange -KOXKA - Javier Alzueta Lizoain -EKINSA - José Luis -CRUCEMPRESAS - Nerea Arizala -AMPO - Daniel Huerta -LAMUCE - Victor Jiménez -AUTOMACH - Martín Ferreyra -BEZABALA - Paco Armenteros -
“We approached DINABI with a very specific requirement, the project required very short execution times and when we proposed it to DINABI they responded immediately. They took over the execution according to our need and the established deadlines. DINABI's management has allowed our company to focus on other projects that are important to us and have made our time much easier and optimized. I believe that DINABI has become one more arm of our company and we would like to continue working together in the future. "
ARCELOR - Rafael Oliver -
Head of Investments and Continuous Improvement (Navarra)
“We subcontracted to DINABI the realisation of manufacturing drawings based on 3D files. Thanks to good communication with our engineering department and experience of DINABI team, DINABI was able to meet rapidly our standards and to work efficiently. ”
GRUPO GRADEL - Stéphane Legrange -
Finance Manager (Luxemburgo)
"DINABI has given us the ability to respond and adapt quickly to business changes, reducing manufacturing and equipment costs; putting your human resources and technology in the key areas of our business. We look forward to continuing to count on DINABI in future projects."
KOXKA - Javier Alzueta Lizoain -
R&D and Industrialisation Manager (Navarra)
"We work with DINABI for the conception of an innovative project. DINABI provided us with various solutions to our needs and in the end we agreed to execute what we consider optimal. The time it was executed met our expectations as it was a project with a high level of difficulty. The company knew how to respond at all times in a professional and empathetic way, always ready, and keeping confidentiality with the project. We also won the prize for technical novelty at the winery and bottling machinery and equipment fair ”
EKINSA - José Luis -
Technical Director (Navarra)
"Our experience with DINABI is very good, it has created ties with service companies and suppliers, achieving a very good synergy and relationship between all of them."
CRUCEMPRESAS - Nerea Arizala -
Commercial director (Navarra)
“Working with DINABI has allowed us to increase the capacity of our engineering at specific moments of high workload, avoiding fixed structural costs. DINABI has given us extra capacity in delineation work, allowing us to focus on other important aspects that without them we could not have addressed. The quality of the work and the relationship we have had with DINABI are pillars to entrust more projects to him in the future. ”
AMPO - Daniel Huerta -
Technological Services (Gipuzkoa)
“We are very happy with the work of DINABI in all the projects that have collaborated with us. DINABI put all their efforts into our projects and this is evident in the quality of the work they gave us and in the attention they gave us. The execution period was perfectly adapted to the contracted service. In the future we would like to continue working together. ”
LAMUCE - Victor Jiménez -
Head of Engineering (Navarra)
“DINABI has been very supportive of the project we had, we have felt sufficiently supported and the collaboration and attunement of the team has been adequate. The works have been carried out within the required deadlines, thus fulfilling our expectations of them, we will definitely entrust more future projects. ”
AUTOMACH - Martín Ferreyra -
Head of Engineering (Álava)
“Working with DINABI exceeded my expectations because the period in which they carried out the project we delegated to them was much shorter than expected, and their performance and quality were exactly as we needed. We feel supported with DINABI at all times, their responses and contributions were professional and according to our need. We hope to continue working together with DINABI as they have supported us in activities of value to the company. ”
BEZABALA - Paco Armenteros -
Head of Engineering (Bizkaia)

Alfonso El Batallador, 2 bajo
31007 PAMPLONA – Navarra

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