We can design and manufacture custom rolls for profiling machines. We can carry out the project, construction and tuning of the set of rollers required and other complementary elements to obtain a specific profile. We can work with profile manufacturing companies, we can carry out extensions of profiling lines, adaptations, cassette systems...
Do you have a profiling machine?
Do you want to improve the quality of the product?
New rollers for the manufacture of new profiles. Design and manufacture of rollers in competitive times to achieve new profiles on the market immediately. We have a great experience in sectors such as:
CONSTRUCTION: Profiles for windows and doors, trapezoidal sheets, corrugated sheets, belts, plasterboard.
AGRICULTURAL INDUSTRY: Posts for vine training, profiles for greenhouses, metal silos.
RENEWABLE ENERGIES: Structural profiles for plates, C profiles, Ω OMEGA profiles, Z profiles.
METAL RACKING: Props, beams, different accessories.