A pioneering system was required in Spain for the manufacture of sandwich panel, PVC+plate.
We held several meetings with the client to understand their requirement where information was exchanged in both directions.
Finally, it was agreed to install a platform above the profiling line that would allow for the installation of 2 PVC coil unwinders, thus generating the "lung" function of the production line. With this, we would achieve an adhesion to the product coming from the line. The platform would have the capacity to have two coil outputs, achieving a perfect synchronization between the speed of the line and the coils. The design and manufacturing project took 4 months. Our team took full responsibility for the manufacture, construction and delivery to the customer's facilities.
The platform has a maximum load capacity indicated in the standard UNE- EN ISO 14122-2: Safety of machinery. The working platforms and gangways have a maximum vertical load that can support (each gangway) of 3 kN/m2 distributed uniformly and a point load of 1.5 kN.
The conceptual and detailed design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning took 3 months.