Our customer builds machines for an international supplier of automotive components.
He needed to take advantage of an obsolete ten-seat rotary machine and use it for a new component. This component is made up of seven parts and required many more stations for assembly and testing.
How do we do it?
This project required an analysis of the needs of the new component. Once this analysis was carried out, it became clear that we needed to join two rotary tables and join them by making a transfer with a robot. We sketched the elements that we would be able to take advantage of the obsolete machine and saw which commercial elements, due to their use, needed to be repaired or replaced by new ones. Once we had this knowledge we analyzed what this new component required.
The engineering services carried out by DINABI were sketching and design. We presented the design according to the client's specifications, we made a joint MFA, manufacturing plans, selection of all commercial elements. We also offered advice and support during the manufacture of the parts, assembly and final commissioning.
4 months. Sketching, conceptual and detailed design, creation of base lists, selection of commercial elements.