Our client, an international supplier of feather bags, was looking for alternatives to reduce its operating costs and, at the same time, improve its customer service in an increasingly competitive global market. He realized that a feather compactor was a strategic source of improvement and initiated a request for process improvement information.
The design of the original press that was already installed was below the expectations of the company's management. DINABI offered a new design capable of pressing with 90 tons and in bags 2.5 times smaller than those used previously. The reduction in transportation costs will clearly have a positive impact on the balance sheets and the faster response.
DINABI provided the design according to the client's specifications, carried out the manufacturing plans, and selected all the commercial elements. We also offered advice and support during the manufacture of the parts, assembly and final commissioning.
The conceptual and final design, realization of detailed plans and base lists took 2 months.