In this project our client asked us to design a hook capable of transporting a 3 tonne sand core used to manufacture a train engine. The client had already worked with another machinery supplier, but they were interested in considering different alternatives to the ones they already had because they thought they were too complex for what was needed.
After careful study of the factory space, the sand core dimensions, the specification and the exact understanding of the operations the customer was looking for, we arrived at a design that would prove to be functionally faster, with fewer moving parts and much more compact. With this in mind, we designed a machine comprised of hydraulic cylinders and variable impulsion motors, capable of lifting and holding the part and rotating it 360 degrees. In addition, we designed several carriages to deposit up to ten parts, which are very easy to operate by means of a handwheel.
DINABI provided the conceptual design, final detail design, selection of all commercial elements, production of manufacturing drawings, support and service during installation and commissioning.
ALAVA - Spain